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Welcome to the Red Sox Fan Handbook: Everything you need to know to be a Red Sox Fan... or to marry one. The Handbook went through three editions in book form (and is still in print from Rounder Books), but putting the contents in wiki form will allow them to be updated more quickly, and will allow more interaction with readers. It will also allow us to fit a lot more player entries that there wasn't room for in the book edition. Other new features include a Red Sox Birthday Calendar that you can subscribe to through Google Calendar.

Come in, browse, enjoy, and share your own thoughts. Any registered user (it's free) can revise player entries; the site itself is edited and moderated by the same people who created the book versions of The Red Sox Fan Handbook.


A Short History of the Boston Red Sox

An overview of the team, its players and management over the years, with all the highlights and lowlights.

The Players

More than 500 of the players who people still talk about, and why they’re important, along with key managers, executives, writers, announcers, and other important Red Sox names.


A few of the most interesting things said by or about the Red Sox over the years.

The Fenway Experience

A guide to attending Red Sox games in Boston or elsewhere, including how to get tickets, what to look for at the park, where to sit, and where to eat. A guide to Fenway Park with its nooks and crannies and recent changes as well as how to visit the Red Sox minor league affiliates, spring training, or the heart of the Evil Empire itself - Yankee Stadium

Red Sox Birthday Calendar

Player birthdays and key dates in team history, in a Google calendar that you can add to your own website.

Questions and Answers

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about baseball rules and strategies, but were afraid to ask.

Red Sox Bibliography

The best books about the Red Sox and some other essential baseball books.

Tell Your Own Story

Stories about how people came to become Red Sox fans.

Red Sox Poetry

Red Sox Links

The best places on the Net to find information on the Red Sox or other baseball questions.

About the Contributors

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